There are several ways to add the prep time to a recipe. 

1. The first way prep time can be added is to the “Notes” section. To do this, simply click the area directly under “Notes” and type the prep time into the text box.

2. The second means of adding prep time is by creating a category for this value. First you need to enter the “Categories” page and click the "+" to make a new category. 

Create a Category called “Prep Time” and make the item type “recipe”. Press "Create" to save the category. Click the "+" next to "Category Values" to create new values.

Next, go back into the recipe. Click “Show” in the top left hand corner to have the recipe categories appear. Then, click “Add Tag” and pick the correct Category and Value. 

3. The final option is to add the prep time to the “Procedure” section. This is done by clicking the "+" next to "Procedure" and typing the prep time in the text box.  Pressing "Submit" will save the procedure. Prep times should be layered in with the rest of your procedures.

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