In Galley, to connect a cost to an individual ingredient you need to link that ingredient to one or more vendor item

To do this, navigate to the ingredient catalog and select the ingredient that you wish to link. Once on the ingredient's page, scroll to "Vendor Items" and click the + next to "Vendor Items." 

Galley will automatically display the vendor item(s) that match your ingredient. Select the vendor item(s) that you would like to link to your ingredient.

NOTE: if no vendor items appear, you may need to edit the search. You may do this by typing in the search bar within the "Vendor Items" section.

If multiple vendor items are selected for an ingredient, the vendor item that is first in the list is the vendor item Galley uses to cost and purchase for the ingredient. You may switch the order of the vendor items by dragging and dropping the ≡ icon. 

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