To combine duplicate ingredients, the unwanted ingredient's usages must be allocated to the desired ingredient's usages. When the unwanted ingredient has 0 usages (meaning it is used in 0 recipes), it can be deleted.

Let's dive into an example. We would like to combine “Milk” and “Whole Milk.” 

  1. We'll navigate to the "Ingredients" page to start. 

  2. Enter the page of the ingredient that you would like to delete and find the “Usages” section. 

  3. Scroll down until you can see the recipes in this section. 

  4. Select all of the recipes in that "Usages" section and click “Bulk Edit.”

  5. Enter the name of the desired ingredient to which you would like to allocate these usages. Do not make any changes to the quantity and click “Submit.”

Every recipe that you selected should now contain the desired ingredient instead of the unwanted ingredient. You may now delete the unwanted ingredient.

NOTE: If you have vendor items linked to the old ingredient, they won't merge like the ingredient usages in the previous steps. You will need to manually add the vendor items to the new ingredient.

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