To see the nutritionals for an ingredient, first go to the ingredient's page and select the "Nutrition" tab next to "Main".

There are two ways to add nutritional values to ingredients. 

1) The first is to connect your ingredient to a USDA ingredient. To do this, find the “USDA Ingredients” section.

Here, you can search for a USDA ingredient that is closest to your ingredient. 

Once you find and select the USDA ingredient, the USDA nutritional information will automatically appear in a new section of nutritional fields, under the label "USDA Nutritionals". These nutritionals are taken from the USDA database.

If you want to use the USDA nutritionals as a starting point for your own nutritionals, you can press the "Copy USDA Nutritionals" button to populate the top row of fields with the USDA values. You only need to select "Save Nutritionals" if you manually change any of the values in the top row of fields

Any changes you save will automatically override the USDA values in any recipe where the ingredient is used.

2) Alternatively, if you cannot find a matching USDA ingredient or would just like to enter the nutritional information yourself, you can do this by typing in the text box next to each nutritional value unit. To save your changes, press the "Save Nutritionals" button.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information if the nutritional values feature has not yet been activated in your account.

Disclaimer: We advise that users must consult with legal/nutritional professionals to verify accuracy of the nutritional labels produced using Galley.

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