The nutrition values of a recipe are calculated based on the nutrition values of the recipe's components and the quantity of each component. To see the calculated nutrition values of a recipe, you must first fill out the values of the recipe's components (for questions on this, visit the article "How can I link nutritional values to ingredients in Galley?").

Once component nutrition values have been completed, go into the recipe you want to calculate nutrition values for and select the Nutrition tab. The default serving size and corresponding nutrient values for a recipe will always start out equal to the recipe yield. The serving size can easily be changed, and the values will adjust to reflect the new serving size.

If nutritional values change in the cooking or preparation process and the final values are known, you can edit the nutritional values by manually overwriting the nutritional values in the upper section. An edited value can easily be reverted back to the calculated value by selecting the arrow below that nutrient.

Any incomplete nutrition information in a recipe will be called out in the "Errors" section. This includes components with missing conversions or nutrients.

The "Component Nutritional Values" table at the bottom of the Nutrition section shows a breakdown of each nutrient and how much is coming from each component. The "Contribution %" lets you adjust how much of each component's nutrition values are included in the total calculations. (for questions on this, visit the article "What is the contribution % in the Nutrition section of a recipe?").

Disclaimer: We advise that users must consult with legal/nutritional professionals to verify the accuracy of the nutritional labels produced using Galley.

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