To calculate the nutritional values of a recipe, you must first fill out the nutritional values of the recipe's components (for questions on this, visit the article "How can I link nutritional values to ingredients in Galley?") 

Once component nutritional values have been completed, go into the parent recipe and click “Copy Total Nutritionals.”

This copies the "Recipe's Total Nutritionals" from the grayed out field to the actual field above. The recipe’s nutritional values will then be filled with the combined values of the nutritional values of its components, and the default 100 g serving size that was there before will automatically update to reflect the yield of the recipe (1 each in the example shown here). You will also want to add a unit conversion in the "Custom Units & Conversions" field to tell Galley what 1 each is equivalent to in weight or volume (e.g., 1 each = 8 oz).

If a recipe uses just 3.5 oz of a specific component, Galley will calculate that component's contribution to the "Recipe's Total Nutritionals" to reflect the 3.5 oz usage. You can take a closer look at the nutritional values that each component is contributing in the "Component Nutritional Values" table.

If nutritional values change in the cooking or preparation process and the final values are known, you can edit the nutritional values by manually overwriting the nutritional values in the upper band.

Note that any incomplete nutritional information in a recipe will be called out in the "ERRORS" section.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information if the nutritional values feature has not yet been activated in your account.

Disclaimer: We advise that users must consult with legal/nutritional professionals to verify accuracy of the nutritional labels produced using Galley.

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