Galley allows you to move an ingredient's usage to a subrecipe usage, or vice versa. 

Let's dive into an example:

We would like to move the ingredient "carrot" in those usages which require "carrot" to be julienned to a subrecipe called, "Carrots, Julienned". We first navigate to the "carrot" ingredient page, and scroll down to find the “Usages” section. 

In the "Usages" section, select those recipes that should be using the "Carrots, Julienned" subrecipe instead of the "carrot" ingredient. In our example, "Garlic Sauteed Kale" and "Pickled Carrots" are the two recipes with a "carrot" ingredient usage that should be moved to a "Carrots, Julienned" subrecipe usage.

We select the two recipes that require the edit, and a band with an edit icon comes up. We click the edit icon, and indicate that the "carrot" ingredient usages be moved to the "Carrots, Julienned" subrecipe. 

We don't have to worry about doing anything with the "Qty" field because we will be using the same amount of the "Carrots, Julienned" subrecipe that was required when the "carrot" ingredient was used in the recipe.

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