There are several ways you can filter our recipes in your production packet: categories and groupings.

If you want to use your own categories to filter, first ensure that your recipes are tagged with the category tags that you plan to use for filtering. Learn how to create and add category tags to recipes in this article (How do I create a new recipe tag?).

Let's imagine the following example. In your operation, there are some recipes that are purposefully vegetarian, and others that aren't.

First you should navigate to the "Menus" page, select the menus that you want to include in the production packet, and select the "Production" button at the bottom. From there you will be able to filter recipes. This GIF demonstrates how you can filter your production packets for the recipes that are or aren't vegetarian. 

If you don't have custom categories, you can also filter the recipes in your production packet by either menu, location, or concept. You can also filter by both a location and concept. 

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