Before reading on, note that recipe variations might be a feature flag that is not yet turned on in your account. If you want to start using recipe variations, this can easily be resolved by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager.

So, what are recipe variations? Galley's recipe variation functionality is a tool that allows you to create a variation of a recipe that gets used under certain circumstances.

We can understand how recipe variations are used by walking through a specific example. Let's imagine that we operate a food brand that has locations in San Diego and Los Angeles. Our Galley Burger menu item was created in San Diego and we still want to use this recipe in Los Angeles, however, we want it to be a vegetarian version of the recipe. Here's how you can set that up in Galley using recipe variations.

First, you navigate to the original recipe that you created for the Galley Burger, click the Create Variation link, and enter how you would like to distinguish the new version of the recipe.

You will then be taken to the recipe variation mode, where you can make the necessary modifications to the recipe. All of the items in the "Original" sections come from the base recipe and are also included in the recipe variation. If you make any changes to the original recipe, those changes will also be reflected in the variation. If there are any components or procedures that you do not want to include in the recipe variation, you can simply click the X to the right of a given item to remove it.

Additionally, you add components and procedures to the recipe variation in the "Variation" sections. The items in these sections will only be included in the recipe variation.

For some recipe variations, you might want to specify a rule for when that recipe variation will get used. In our example, we want to let Galley know that anytime the Galley Burger recipe gets used in a menu that will be produced from the Los Angeles location, the vegetarian recipe variation should be used. Rules can be set by location or by concept.

If recipe variations are not currently turned on in your account and you want them to be, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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