We are so excited for you to join us for the 2020 Resilient Food Business Summit, and we're here to help you have the best experience possible. Check out the guide below and you will be ready to share and learn about new opportunities for profitability and resiliency with some of the world's leaders in the foodservice industry.

If you need any additional support, you can reach out to our team directly at success@galleysolutions.com.

Getting Ready for the Summit

For the best experience at the 2020 Resilient Food Business Summit, we recommend taking the following steps to get ready:

  • Register for the summit and add it to your calendar by using this link.

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox. We find that the best Hopin experience (the virtual event platform we are using to host the summit) is through these browsers.

  • Close other applications that are open on your device. This will increase video and audio quality and performance.

  • Avoid the use of wifi-/bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds.

  • Get your questions ready! Many of our speakers and panelists will be taking your questions during their sessions and Q&A booths. This is your time to learn more about them and make sure you get the advice you need.

Joining the Summit

  • You will be accessing the event through the same link that you used to register. At 8:45 am PST on November 10, you will be able to join the event. The first talk will start at 9 am PST. Join using this page.


Upon entering the event, you will be taken to the Reception area. Scroll down to find some useful information about the Summit including a session schedule.


All keynote talks will be taking place on the Stage. After clicking into the Stage, you will automatically be viewing the talk that is taking place.


The panels and roundtable discussions will take place in the Sessions area. You will be able to see all of the Sessions that are taking place at a given time. Simply click into the Session you would like to join.


Networking gives you the opportunity to have a face-to-face chat with your fellow attendees of the event. Simply click "Ready" and you will be matched with another person who is in the Networking area.


Following their talks, several of our speakers will be hosting Q&A booths in the Expo area during the designated Speaker Q&A times. Simply click the expo booth that you are interested in visiting for the chance to chat directly with our speakers.

We've set up these Q&A booths to emulate the experience that you can get at an in-person event where you are able to go up to the microphone and ask a question. To join the speaker in their booth stage and ask your question, simply request to share your video and audio.

Setting up Audio and Video

If you are visiting the Networking area or joining a speaker in the stage of their Expo booth, you will set up your audio and video with Hopin. For this demonstration, we will be going through the steps as if we are in the Networking area. Additionally, the steps will be for Google Chrome users on a Mac device. If you need assistance with another device, reach out to success@galleysolutions.com.

After clicking "Ready", you should be prompted to select the camera and microphone that you would like to use. After making the selection, click Apply.

It is possible that in your Audio/Video Settings, no devices can be found. If this happens, don't worry! Let's figure out what could be the problem.

First, look at the right side of your address bar. If there is a video icon with a red X next to it, click the icon.

Clicking the icon will open a dropdown menu. In this menu, select "Always Allow...", and click Done. Then, refresh your page and try setting up your video again.

If your browser still cannot access your camera and microphone, it is likely because of your privacy settings on your device. To give your browser access to your Microphone & Camera, navigate to your System Settings. From there, go into your Security & Privacy Settings.

In the sections for both Camera and Microphone, ensure that Google Chrome has been given authorization.

Reach Us Directly

If you have any questions or need additional support, reach out to us at success@galleysolutions.com.

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