The Galley Receiving workflow makes it easy to validate what was purchased from your vendors compared to what was actually delivered .

For an item to be available in Receiving, a purchase order must first be generated that contains the item(s) to be purchased. Purchase orders can be generated automatically based on menus or manually created through the Purchase Orders page. The purchase order must be marked as "Sent" and the delivery date must be set for the PO to appear in the Receiving workflow. After an item is marked as received, the theoretical on-hand inventory value for that item will increase.

To navigate to the receiving workflow, first go to the Inventory page and click Receive. This will take you to the Receiving page, which shows all items available to be received on a given day. Any "Sent" purchase orders with the selected date as their delivery date will automatically appear in the Receivables table. You can use the date picker to see past items that were received.

Items from the included POs will appear under the ALL tab. You can also break down the items by the vendor they are purchased from by selecting the vendor's name.

For each item in the Receivables table, it will show the PO that the item is from, the expected order quantity and unit cost, and fields to enter the actual quantity delivered and actual unit cost (if different from the expected). An item is considered received once the "Receive" button is clicked. If information was enterred incorrectly, the item can be edited by clicking "Modify", updating the information and marking it as received again.

If you are delivered an item that wasn't in your purchase orders, e.g. if a vendor had to make a substitution, you can manually add that item to your receiving workflow to make sure the delivery is accounted for. To do so, select the "Add New Item" button in the top right corner, search for the vendor item you want to receive and select "Add Item". Then add the quantity you received and select "Add Item" to receive that item.

Note: The receiving workflow must be enabled in your account before this feature can be accessed. If you do not currently have access to the receiving workflow and would like to, please contact a Galley representative.

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